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Buying or purchasing a home is one of the crucial decisions of a person's life. It's more like a huge transaction filled with complexities that never fit your needs perfectly. A daunting task, where buyers can't find an affordable home, investors feel reluctant to invest in properties, and sellers can't get desired offers within a short span of time.

Therefore, to make the process easier, flexible, and smooth, keyed in PA comes up with addressing all the issues you face in modern times. By turning modern technology into clients' favors, putting effort, and using wisdom, we make it possible to overcome property obstacles.

Jeremy Tolley

License Number: RS346267

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Matt Knee

Customer Service Representative
About Us

Keyed in PA is a real estate company run by Jeremy Tolley, an experienced real estate agent knowing the property's complete ins and outs, with a firm grasp over market trends, financial aspects, and investment methodologies. We transfer useful, valuable knowledge to the clients by understanding the current situation's needs and wants.  

With a collaborative team & creative mindset, we understand the client's perspectives and better understand their properties, which drives goal-oriented results. Jeremy Tolley not only converts the complex procedures into a smooth & convenient journey but ensures to deliver 100% satisfactory results to their clients

Why Choose Us?

When searching for realtors, one of the main questions is always about how it adds value to your life? We believe realtors' work is to help you in terms of sales & purchasing and puts your interest in the first place.   

Here, Keyed in PA not only caters to your needs in the first place but enables you to overcome your challenges through streamlining the process. Our informative video sessions address the common questions for free and help you know the difference between the realtors and the common salesperson.

Our high-standard services go beyond the clients' expectations, connecting with the deals that fit your needs & want. Our basic terminology is based on the following principles.

  • Quick Response to Client’s Queries
  • Leverage Technology That Reduces the Time & Provides Efficient Results
  • Evaluating Clients Demand, Need, & Wants with The Current Market Trends to Give a Better Understanding.
  • Processing & Connecting with The Right Deals That Matches Client’s Interest.
  • Helping Throughout the Way with A Perfect Closing That Satisfies Client.